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Jesse Kalsi AstroNumerology

About AstroNumerology

There are several different kinds of numerology; each has its particular strengths. However, even the best system is worthless without clear and consistent interpretation relative to the issues at hand.

With clarity, insight, and compassion Jesse Kalsi consults with individuals regarding their personal and business lives. For more information, search this site to learn more about the particular type of numerology that Jesse uses – and how it has affected the lives of his customers.

Jesse uses the term “AstroNumerology” because he associates numbers with planets, which are astronomical bodies. AstroNumerology is not about adding numbers up; it is about looking at each individual number, since each represents a particular planet, and considering the totality of the number’s own “planetary system.”

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All About Numbers book by Jesse Kalsi
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The Power of Home Numbers book by Jesse Kalsi
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Personal readings with Jesse Kalsi enlighten your soul, free your mind, and give you courage and direction to succeed through any aspect in life.

Readings are done in person or via phone or Zoom. Most readings are one hour in length.

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All About Numbers

All About Numbers book by Jesse KalsiAttract Luck, Abundance, and Joy Based on Your Numbers. The universe speaks to us through numbers. Each number carries a different vibration and every one of us has a unique set of numbers that’s etched into our destiny. Learn how to calculate the codes for your name and birthday as well as the role that each number in your code plays and how these numbers interact with one another. You’ll understand how to pick the luckiest days and months according to your numbers and divine timing of your life.

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The Power of Home Numbers

The Power of Numbers book by Jesse KalsiThis is the story of countless people with whom I’ve met over the past twenty years. I read their energies based on their house numbers, name numbers, dates of birth, telephone numbers, business numbers, business addresses, bank account numbers, Social Security numbers and every other kind of number. I read their energies, singly and in various combinations. Based on my intuition and knowledge and by the grace of God, I am thankful to have been able to be of service to thousands of people.

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All About Numbers

The Power of Home Numbers

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