Book: ‘All About Numbers’

Available in both Print, Digital, & Audio versions

All About Numbers book by Jesse Kalsi

Attract Luck, Abundance, and Joy Based on Your Numbers

The universe speaks to us through numbers. Each number carries a different vibration and every one of us has a unique set of numbers that’s etched into our destiny. Your numerology is calculated using your name and birthday, two elements that are inseparable from your identity. These numbers grant you personal power so that you can achieve your goals with ease and grace. By comprehending the deeper meaning of your numbers, you can use them to your advantage and make progress in your life. The more you become familiar with numbers that work in your favor and ones you should avoid, the more you can utilize your individual code to boost luck, success, and abundance.

All About Numbers first teaches you how to calculate the codes for your name and birthday as well as the role that each number in your code plays and how these numbers interact with one another. You’ll understand how to pick the luckiest days and months according to your numbers and divine timing of your life.

This will help you refrain from using conflicting numbers that adversely affect you and those around you. You’ll be given various methods for healing heavy number energies, such as wearing the appropriate crystals and gemstones, and aligning the body’s seven chakras for optimal universal flow.

Once you know your numbers, you can find the best home or business address and patch an address that’s contradictory to your code. You’ll learn about the most lucrative names and numbers for maintaining a successful business and generating profit and how to choose a bank and account number that attracts savings.

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You’ll be given ways to pick the right color and make for your car and a license plate that matches your energy. You’ll also gain insight on how to choose a pet that’s most agreeable with you and your family members and which numbers and colors enhance education and learning abilities.

Throughout this book, you’ll discover how numbers affect compatibility in relationships and dictate dating, love, marriage, and separation. Included too are numbers that fare well with real estate, the stock market, and sports teams and those that influence fame, recognition, success, and politics in the US and around the world.

The second part of this book delves into the specific and separate energies carried by the numbers 1 through 9 and the mysterious powers of master numbers 11, 22, 33, and 44.

We all have different numbers that work for us; no two people have the same set of numbers that benefit them. Once you find your numbers, use them and stick with them in time to live your best life. You’ll be glad you did.