Based on one’s name and date of birth, the most suitable work for a given individual can be determined: whether he or she should be working in or running a certain type of business, or whether another line of work would be better suited. Timing is always important, too. Specific days of the week, calendar dates, and planetary positions at that time can make a difference in whether one is successful in obtaining rewarding work or not. Company names, street addresses, and the name of the city where the company’s offices are also make a difference in finding work. Wearing gemstones to improve one’s luck, correcting a personal name vibration, and wearing the right color in clothes (as well as using the right colors in one’s living space) can also help in obtaining a good job and retaining one’s position. Certain plants, when placed in the home, also bring good luck for job seekers. Changing homes itself always has an effect on one’s job, either positive or negative. If one is successful while living in one residence it does not mean that changing to a bigger space—even an otherwise desirable one—will improve one’s luck. Changing residences should only be done after consulting an expert. Amongst many other things in his years of experience, Jesse Kalsi has learned that appeasing the lord Saturn—ruler of order, self-discipline, and balance—keeps the work flowing.