Travel Plans

Whether one is travelling for business, pleasure, or simply going on vacation, the success of the trip will have a lot to do with its numerological timing: Do the dates and destination flow with the traveller’s AstroNumerology chart? It is well known that planning to take a trip or going on a journey while Mercury is retrograde is never a good idea. Any trips undertaken during this period are bound to cause delays, confusion, and a lot of miscommunication. The energy of the destination (e.g., “Hawaii”) and where the traveler will stay (a specific hotel, resort, bed and breakfast, etc.) can also determine the traveler’s happiness and satisfaction with the journey. Therefore, it is essential to check the AstroNumerological “weather” forecast before making any travel plans. Besides initiating trips during the right period, days and dates that conform to one’s own AstroNumerological numbers should be carefully considered.