Padmini Kolhapure Avatar
The Power of Home Numbers can shift your power to the next level. The experience of this book is delivered to help readers transcend their circumstances, take back control of their lives, and make progress. Jesse Kalsi has increased my own power of being and I encourage him to continue empowering others!
Padmini Kolhapure
Bollywood Celebrity
Zeenat Aman Avatar
"Jesse Kalsi's book exemplifies his skills as a numerologist and guides readers to manifest the future they deserve through their best numbers. I intend to use all the knowledge Kalsi shares in The Power of Home Numbers to protect both my family and myself. It's a compelling must read!"
Zeenat Aman
Bollywood Celebrity
Michael P. Avatar
One of the strengths of "All About Numbers" is Jesse’s ability to blend personal anecdotes and real-life examples with his teachings on numerology. This approach makes the book relatable and provides readers with practical tools and techniques for applying numerology in their daily lives.Another standout feature of the book is its layout and design. The pages are visually appealing, with colorful graphics and charts that illustrate the concepts and teachings. The book is also well-organized, making it easy to follow and navigate.Overall, "All About Numbers" is an outstanding book that will appeal to anyone interested in the fascinating world of numerology. Jesse Kalsi's expertise and passion for the subject shine through on every page, making this book a valuable resource for anyone seeking to unlock the power of numbers in their life. Highly recommended!
Michael P. 5/04/2023
wasabi0808 Avatar
This book had a huge impact in my life, it saved my teenage daughter. When my daughter turned 14 we got her a cell phone. Now that we recall ever since she got that number her life became like a roller coaster. She met a person online in a gaming world and she became addicted to the phone. Grades went down, she could not sleep, she acted depressed just to mention a few changes. Her phone was always shattered or cracked despite changing 5 times over 2 yrs. At some point, I was worried about human trafficking. One day, when we were driving together and All About Numbers book was playing in Audible, we both froze when we heard that 999 should not be used in a telephone number. We knew that her cell number with 999 in the middle had to do with a lot of negative stuff she was going through. We both agreed to turn the phone off immediately and change the number. I feel like it was meant for us to hear the book together. Everything has changed when we got rid of the wrong number for her and my daughter got her life back! Thank you Jesse Kalsi for creating this amazing book that changes lives forever!
wasabi0808 4/22/2023
New T. Avatar
I learned of the book, All About Numbers and Mr. Jesse Kalsi, when I recently listened to a Conscious Talk podcast in which he was the guest. Oddly (or maybe not), the podcast that was advertised wasn’t the one that was played, it was a previous podcast from several months before. Being drawn to Astrology and Numerology and numbers in general (I am a Financial Analyst), I was fascinated and very impressed with Mr. Kalsi’s Astronumerology system and the creation of Number Patching. I couldn’t put the book down and when I finished it, I went to his website and requested a reading because I knew I wouldn’t be able to figure out his system nor would I want to knowing that I might miss something and put myself in a bind. I received so much from All About Numbers and much, much more from the reading I received. I feel that I have also gained a friend, a lovely ‘Old Soul’ friend whose purpose in life is to bring happiness, abundance, and peace to those willing to put into place his suggestions to allow the energy to flow.
New T. 3/26/2023
Mona Avatar
Excellent book to learn about how numbers affect your luck. Nicely written and I’ve learned a lot.
Mona 2/13/2023
Suzanne DeLaurentiis Avatar
Jesse Kalsi is an incredible numerologist. Jesse has written the definitive book on numbers. If you haven’t read his book, the Power of Number, I suggest you do.
Suzanne DeLaurentiis
Award Winning Filmmaker/Producer
Pat Farnack Avatar
If you believe that some things in life can’t be explained in the usual, run-of-the-mill way,listen to what Jesse Kalsi has to say about the power of numbers. He was right on the money in so much of what he had to say. I have just “patched” my house number. I can’t wait to see what happens!
Pat Farnack
WCBS Radio, New York
Christine Craft Avatar
I didn’t know what to expect from Jesse Kalsi, but my producer spoke so highly of him, that I invited Jesse on the show on Northern California’s Number #1 radio station…KGO in San Francisco. I usually do pretty hard-hitting political topics and Jesse had some analyses of politicians in the news that were right on point and very funny! My listeners went nuts and began calling in, jamming the phones and the emails to have Jesse give them some information about their own house numbers and birthdates and the syntheses and meaning between the two things. Two weeks later..I was still getting requests which I have forwarded to Jesse and which he has answered. He was a most enjoyable guest and I highly recommend him for radio and television programs.
Christine Craft
KGO AM810 Radio, San Francisco, CA
Bonnie Coleen Avatar
Jesse Kalsi has appeared as a guest on my radio program, Seeing Beyond, many times. His unique method of combining numerology and astrology to help people is always intriguing. Jesse’s professional and compassionate nature is always welcome on my radio program.
Bonnie Coleen
Host, Producer, Seeing Beyond Talk Radio
Pat Patton Avatar
Jesse’s appearance on the KRON 4 Morning News generated such a positive response we are considering developing a show with him.
Pat Patton
Vice President, Programming, KRON-TV, San Francisco
Tana Marie Avatar
It has been my honor knowing Jesse Kalsi for many years. I highly recommend him and his work without hesitation. He is a man of integrity, wisdom, and innate insight into the mystery and magic of Numerology. Jesse masterfully guides his clients to achieve a successful outcome, either personally or professionally, through practical and results oriented actions dictated by his understanding of the power of Numerology. A session with him will be one of the most beneficial gifts you can give yourself!
Tana Marie
CEO, Passion Island
Lisa K Crosato Avatar
Jesse Kalsi is a master numerologist. Consulting with him has been very beneficial for me. His knowledge and experience is like none other.. I followed his suggestions and positive changes quickly ensued.
Lisa K Crosato
Actress and Producer
Kimberly Avatar
Interesting to know to add your numbers with business, homes, travel. Numerology is so awsome and can save you time from make drastic mistakes in your life as well. It also teaches you patience to get it right in order to succeed in what you want. I recommend this book.
Kimberly 9/01/2022
fox Avatar
This is an excellent read for solid information. I am a professional Tarot reader and use numerology as well to assist clients, and I found that this book added so much to my knowledge and that aids me in my personal and professional life. The writing style is easy to understand and easy to read. He makes it fun and interesting as well. This is a great book for all who want to know more about numerology, and it will be a favourite on my bookshelf. I suggest this for all who want to learn more and grow through numerology as this will be a blessing to have in your library. Numbers are relevant never dismiss that and this book certainly helps you learn, grow and thrive as you can create your abundance.
fox 8/01/2022
Raman k. Avatar
I really recommend this book..
Raman k. 7/23/2022
Kanise S. Avatar
This book and the wonderful person who wrote this book is huge part of my growth in a better direction! Changing my life in great ways. This book is a must have!!!!! His service is very necessary!! Forever Greatful
Kanise S. 7/22/2022
Priya Avatar
Mr. Kalsi goes deep in explaining the background of numerology and contextualizes the work to specifically discuss how to attract abundance and sincere happiness. Very few books arm you with tools on how to actually apply to your own life and this one truly does. Thank you, Mr. Kalsi, for arming us with the power to understand Numerology!
Priya 4/08/2022
Amazon C. Avatar
Very good book! Learned a lot about numbers pertaining to me and my surroundings. Great advice.
Amazon C. 2/28/2022
Ravneet O. Avatar
This book is amazing and has insights on how numbers play a volatile role in everyday life. Amazing in depth analysis of the examples provided.
Ravneet O. 2/23/2022
joe r. Avatar
Extremely insightful. This book really gives you a different perspective and how important numbers are in our lives.
joe r. 2/17/2022
Hani Avatar
Very eye opening and insightful! A must read for folks who wish to understand how numbers work with life circumstances and to use that knowledge to improve their relationships and career.
Hani 10/26/2021
Amazon C. Avatar
I’ve consulted with Jesse many times, and each time I left feeling a newfound hope. He has an uncanny ability to pinpoint you’re concerns. This comes from the system of numbers, and at the very least you will find it eye opening. Whether this is your first time learning this subject, or your more experienced, this or his previous book is a great place to start.
Amazon C. 9/04/2021
Shelby C. Avatar
All About Numbers is a book that intrigues the mind and is beyond astonishing once you discover the real powers of numbers .If you want personal power instantaneously that will guide you to achieve your personal goals and happiness than this is the book. It is a simple practical way to understand numerology and how numbers can shift your energy in our life and ultimately shape our destiny .. This book is a game changer !
Shelby C. 8/07/2021
Chiah M. Avatar
Such a powerful and enlightening book, teaching the foundation for a happier, healthier and more abundant life.Iam very grateful for this book it came into my life at the right time.The ideas he present are so interesting and made a strong impression on me.I would completely recommend to anyone who is hoping to gain more peace, Balance, happiness, order and goodness in their life.
Chiah M. 7/31/2021
Aashish G. Avatar
I really enjoy reading the book. This book has in-depth details on numbers with lots of examples. Real life examples makes book more interesting. I recommend this book to every one who loves numerology.
Aashish G. 7/12/2021
Susan S. Avatar
All About Numbers: Attract Luck, Abundance, and Joy Based on Your Numbers by Jesse Kalsi is an exceptional book on numerology that incorporates the simple concepts and the authors advanced knowledge. Jesse's covers many subjects, like Feng Shui and astronomy, so you see how numbers, their vibrations and significance, connects with different combinations to correlate with different fields. Open up your unrealized future by understanding the deeper meaning of numbers.
Susan S. 7/08/2021
Amazon C. Avatar
Reach new heights in your life by understanding numerology. Author Jesse Kalsi's book helps us understand the concept of numerology and how the Universe is guiding us to reach our potential, overcome blocks, and find meaning in life. This is a wonderful book to add to your library for personal growth.
Amazon C. 7/08/2021
Lynda D. Avatar
What an interesting book. I have always been interested in numbers and have noticed different energies in houses that I have lived in with various numbers. This author makes Numerology a science that has spiritual connections. I found this book fascinating. I think to give it true attention we would need to go over the points made in each section as I found myself getting a little bamboozled with so much information. A great book to take in one step at a time. How fascinating
Lynda D. 7/08/2021
Bernadette D. Avatar
If you’re like me and are intrigued by numbers and the power of numbers to almost magically start changes in your life then you’ll probably love this book. Lots of fascinating stories and I sights you can use in your own life.
Bernadette D. 7/08/2021
Vatsala S. Avatar
There are a number of books in the market about Numerology which are good if you can get over the glazed eye syndrome after a couple of pages. This is where Jesse Kalsi’s book differs in more ways than one.For starters, Jesse simplifies the science of numerology and even a layman can immediately start checking if their birth and name numbers vibrate positively with their home and bank account numbers and a lot more.This book delivers a lot more with guidance on gemstones and crystals to be used with numbers as well as the Chakra System.At least now I know why some friends added extra vowels or consonants to their names –the secret of their sudden change of fortune is revealed in this book!
Vatsala S. 7/08/2021
Susie B. Avatar
This new book is a great addition to my library - for many years I have followed astrology and now I’m starting to understand numerology in the same way. I recommend you getting your hands on a copy!
Susie B. 7/08/2021
Susana T. Avatar
This book is very helpful especially to business owners, professionals, and career-driven individuals. An essential guide for your day-to-day undertakings. This is also helpful for relationships and compatibility. Highly recommended!
Susana T. 7/08/2021