Numerology is used to make predictions based on the significant numbers that are already present in your life. The patterns to these numbers can be identified and can be used to make changes or generally describe one’s life.

Each number is connected to a certain planet.

Here’s the number-planet correspondence:

  • 1- Sun
  • 2- Moon
  • 3- Jupiter
  • 4- Uranus
  • 5- Mercury
  • 6- Venus
  • 7- Neptune
  • 8- Saturn
  • 9- Mars

There are two systems found in numerology, namely the Chaldean system and the Pythagorean system. It can also be termed as “Mystic Numerology”.

The two systems are differentiated based on the given name. In the Chaldean system, you can use an informal name that you’re known by and in the Pythagorean system, only the name given to you at the time of your birth can be used.

This is pretty much the basic understanding to numerology. If you dig a little deeper then you’ll come to know that there are no letters assigned to the number 9 as it is considered as a holy number and is given great significance in numerology.

Now we are all ready to look up the numerical values of our names and see which planet is assigned to us!

You can refer to the following links to find out the numerical value of your name:

Now, let us understand what our number- planet correspondence signifies.

1- Sun

  • Attractive personality
  • Energetic, incredibly active and gregarious
  • Well connected with powerful and important people
  • Successful in field of choice
  • Smart, witty and intelligent

2- Moon

  • Feminine energy, fluctuating moods, emotional
  • Expressive, family oriented
  • Night owl, lack of sleep
  • Social butterfly

3- Jupiter

  • Fortunate destiny, lucky.
  • Religious
  • Philosophical insight to life
  • Enjoys travelling, experiencing different cultures and ethnicities

4- Uranus

  • Unique set of qualities
  • Easily distracted, bored
  • Creative
  • Forward or modern way of thinking

5- Mercury

  • Sharp wit, quick thinking
  • Extremely active and always on the go
  • Youthful outlook on life
  • Philosophical insight
  • Good with communication

6- Venus

  • Graceful and caring
  • Active social life
  • Creative interests
  • Successful opportunities ahead
  • Career in the public eye is quite likely
  • Family oriented

7- Neptune

  • Spiritual, caring towards the one in need
  • Has healing powers
  • Dreams are prophetic
  • Loves water, adventures awaiting

8- Saturn

  • Hard working, ambitious
  • Financially focused
  • Successful career
  • Perfectionist, needs to loosen up more often

9- Mars

  • Physically active, outdoorsy lifestyle
  • Good health
  • Protective over loved ones
  • Self-absorbed, needs to let in others opinions

With the help of this, you can truly understand your purpose in life and fulfill your