“The Power of Home Numbers” with Jesse Kalsi – August 2023, Mystic Living Today

The Mystic Living Today E-Zine spotlighted Jesse Kalsi’s book “The Power Of Home Numbers.”


“The Power of Home Numbers isn’t an ordinary book on numerology. It combines ancient elements of Vedic numerology coupled with Jesse Kalsi’s extensive knowledge of numbers and their corresponding planets to deliver invaluable information to readers. The Power of Home Numbers is an in-depth account of the stories […]

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“Meaning of Angel Number 143” with Jesse Kalsi – August 21st 2023, Women’s Day Magazine

Jesse Kalsi was featured in the Women’s Day Magazine article titled “The Surprising Meaning Behind Angel Number 143,” written by Kate Franke.

Excerpt from the article:

“143 Angel Number Meaning

If the number 143 has made its presence known in your life, it’s time to figure out what it means. There are many different numerological systems in which to interpret angel numbers […]

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“Numerologist says digits can change destiny” Jesse Kalsi – August 19th 2023, Auckland New Zealand

Jesse Kalsi’s book “The Power Of Home Numbers” was featured on Indian Newslink New Zealand.

Excerpt from article by author Praneeta Mahajan:

“Numbers are alive, and each digit from one to nine carries unique qualities that manifest in the form of physical energy, says world-renowned numerologist Jesse Kalsi.

Many of us are attracted to certain numbers and don’t know why, or we think a specific number will […]

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