Dr. Tajinder Singh is another homeowner who used unconventional guidance before purchasing his latest home. Wanting to make sure that his home purchase aligned with his personal energy, Singh consulted Jesse Kalsi, an astronumerologist with over 20 years of experience studying the energy of numbers.

“When I came across my [current] home, I consulted Mr. Kalsi,” Singh tells Hunker. “The first thing we checked was the direction the front door was facing towards the street. The door was facing northeast, which was good, so then the street number was checked to see if it matched my energy. And from there, Mr. Kalsi said everything was in harmony, and the planets and energies aligned properly so this house would be a success in our lives. And by the grace of God, I have been blessed with success.”

Kalsi has two authored books about astronumerology, and the latest, All About Numbers, dives into the idea that each number carries its own vibrational energy.

“Homebuyers should consider many angles in buying a home,” Kalsi tells Hunker. “One of them is the street address — that is very important. The number on the door has to vibrate with the number energies of all occupants of the home for success, abundance, and prosperity. Don’t rush to buy or sell, but work with your timing and numbers.”

— From article by the same name on Hunker
by Mariette Williams, M.S.