Elon Musk the owner of Tesla the largest electric car maker in the world with many other businesses to his name was born on June 28 1971. He is a water sign as evident from his date of birth making him very moody and intuitive. The energy of the powerful Sun on his date of birth and Neptune on the compound numbers are in sync with the company name TESLA also carrying Neptune energy. His luck works better closer to water. The Tesla manufacturing plant is in the city of Fremont California in the San Francisco Bay area very close to the Pacific Ocean. In June 2020 he enters a very unstable Mercury cycle for a year followed by Venus that would be confusing and make him take wrong decisions that would affect his company. The current Tesla manufacturing plant was run by GM for many years and after the last economic slowdown in 2008 was shut down for some time and later picked up by Elon Musk for his electric car factory. With the current economic slowdown due the global pandemic in 2020 still sweeping the world he will relocate to another state that might not work well for him. The planet mercury that he soon faces on his birthday in June 2020 is known for its mercurial and unstable fast-moving energy.