Numbers and their effects in our day to day existence are well known to the world today, be it in our personal or business lives. There are many schools of numerology as practiced by the Greeks, Hebrews, Chinese, East Indians and the Western Cultures. I have used the vedic system

to decode numbers as I find that system to be more accurate. Over the past twenty years I have

had the chance to read numbers for thousands of people in which I am grateful for. Whether it be our personal or business relationships, the science of numbers makes a

profound effect when applied correctly.

Hollywood and Beverly Hills are globally famous destinations. The business of film making, television and the media has a direct relationship with the number 2 associated with the very

Intuitive and creative Moon energy. The Number 6 represented by the planet Venus that plays an important role in the glamour business as it is about wealth, beauty, passion, fashion and the arts. Both Moon and Venus can also be strengthened by wearing the appropriate gemstones, colors and residing in homes that carry those energies in their numbers. The name

Hollywood carries a lot of Neptune energy that flows well with Moon and Sun energies. Oscars carry the energy of Sun and happens every year in the month of February a Uranus number 4 month. I have observed time and time again that titles carrying 1,2,4,7 energies win the Oscars. This year it was ‘Parasite’ a film that carries the number 7 Neptune vibrations in its title to be the

winner. The point that I am trying to make is that film titles need to be balanced correctly to

resonate for box office success. Personal names of actors also need to be adjusted to resonate with their personal energies.

Beverly Hills carries the energies of Venus twice and compounds to Jupiter energy the largest planet that is responsible for expanded luck. It is this name energy that keeps Beverly Hills in a very high love and money vibration.

Jennifer Lawrence, the famous Hollywood Golden Globe Academy Award winning actress, who has starred in famous movies like the X-men, Hunger Games, and the Silver Lining Playbook carries the energies of planet Venus number 6. She was born on August 15, 1990. Her name energy has number 8 planet Saturn that connects well with Venus the number 6 shows up on her day of birth and also as a compound number. The pattern of planet Venus repeating twice on her numbers is pure luck, talent, wealth and good karma. Planet Venus is associated with Friday and white flowers. The only challenge that comes with an overdose of Venus is too love relationships that can become a cause of heartache.

As I write this column I am drawn to write about the number 4 that is represented by Uranus

Energy. The number 4 works well with people or countries that balance it with the number 1

as both are mirror images of one another and compliment each other. The number 4 does not

work well with the number 6.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are always in the news and they have some interesting numbers that I would like to talk about.

Meghan Markle was born on August 4th 1981. She is born under the sign of LEO that is ruled

by number 1. Her name Meghan carries the energy of Mercury and that is the sign Prince Harry is born under being a Virgo. Her compound energy and her name carry the energy of number 4 associated by Uranus making her unconventional in her outlook. Just like President Obama she

is blessed with the combination of Sun and Uranus the best energies together. Prince Harry, being a Virgo, is an Earth Sign and has the energy of Sun in his compound numerology. This brings him fame and connects him well with the energies of Meghan Markle. However

Prince Harry’s name carries Saturn energy that collides with Meghan’s Sun energy and also Meghan whose is a fire sign has the power to burn the earth Virgo.