Numbers Affect All of Us

As a numerologist for over 20 years, I’ve provided valuable insight on the power of numbers and how they influence our everyday lives to thousands of clients. Every number carries specific energies that are conducive for certain actions and elements of life. For example, number one deals with leadership and success while number three signals spirituality and higher education. The force of numbers affects not just individuals, but humanity as a whole: collectively, we come under the reign of a new energy each year on January 1st. If we add up the numbers in 2022 and reduce them to a single digit (2+0+2+2), we will see that we’ve just entered a year six.

Six Energy

All About Numbers book by Jesse KalsiAs I demonstrate in my book, All About Numbers, the number six carries the energy of planet Venus and represents wealth, luxury, beauty, arts, money, and the most desired elements of life. It is a highly favored number as it’s associated with the infinite sky (As they say, “the sky’s the limit.”). Most people who follow numerology like to work with the energy of number six due to its immense benefits. Many famous politicians, artists, athletes, actors, media personalities, and designers carry the energy of number six. Those who do regularly attract love and money. Overall, those born under the energies of three, six, and nine will benefit throughout 2022. Because Venus is a hot planet, we will witness natural disasters including fire damages and possible earthquakes this year.

Business Recovery

Perhaps one of the most promising aspects of this number is that it’s excellent for business recovery and improved financial flow. This means that in 2022, most businesses will benefit from increased revenue and stabilization after two years of economic uncertainty. Women-owned businesses and those having to do with women, in particular, will enjoy heightened success. Under the guidance of lucky number six, luxury industries like hotels and travel will also do quite well.

Communication Skills

For leaders who want to be successful in 2022, the number six will require them to work on skills that can persuade an audience: charisma, magnetic energy, and an enhanced sense of communication. This will help leaders attract people to their party keep them on their side. These traits shine brighter in some leaders, like those who already have Venus or Jupiter energy in their codes, but they can also choose to hone them further. For example, Nancy Pelosi has a strong Venus energy, so she is a natural fit for Speaker of the House and will continue to be a force to be reckoned with this year. Having a powerful aura is something you’re born with, not something you can learn.


The energies of Venus and Jupiter, represented by the numbers six and three respectively, will become more pronounced in their frequency throughout 2022. Six and three are highly compatible together and make a larger-than-life combination; one works as a catalyst for the other. If we look at leaders who carry this energy in their names or dates of birth, we will see that Trump has a powerful Venus and Jupiter combination. His first and last name each add up to a six (4+7+5+1+3+4=24 and 4+2+6+4+8=24). Together, his first and last names equal 48, which becomes reduced to a number three. Mr. Trump’s name carries the energy of planet Venus twice and compounds to planet Jupiter, the largest planet and giver of good fortune and expansion. This means that, although he’s not president, Trump will make his presence felt throughout the next 12 months.

The Greater Good

Leaders will have to be clear in what they will provide to the public and fulfill their promises, as people are becoming more skeptical of politicians. Coming from humble beginnings, from the grassroots level, and working their way up while still maintaining a firm grasp on reality, will prove to be an important characteristic in leaders this year. Leaders can develop helpful skills by practicing discipline and focusing on the greater good; they will have to truly feel the pain of the masses more and feed into their egos less. Leaders should leave behind greed in 2022 because Venus easily leads to excesses like personal indulgences and self-satisfaction. They will have to learn that too much of a good thing is never a good thing, especially when it causes suffering to others.

Feminine Power

The energy of number six is strongly feminine, which will encourage women from around the world to rise to power in various fields, especially politics. They will prove to be focused, determined, and aggressive leaders under the current Venus energy. As I indicate in All About Numbers, this is not the most favorable time for President Biden: his current numerological cycle is not his strongest and will present multiple challenges for him. There will be situations during which his health will come into question and he will have to carefully guard his political position from opponents.

To a good year for us all,
Jesse Kalsi