The Divine Meaning of Digits

Since the invention of number systems, we have assigned divine meaning to digits. From the very origins of our existence, we recognized that numbers are the language of the universe and that spirit speaks to us through codes. The more we learn to listen, the more we are empowered to fulfill our destiny and achieve the deep joy we deserve.

As a numerologist for over 20 years, I’ve provided valuable insight on the power of numbers and their influence on everyday life to tens of thousands of clients. The force of numbers is undeniable and affects each of us at any given moment: the numbers in our names and dates of birth act as a divine code, revealing every element of our lives from our calling and career to our health problems and relationship compatibility. Each number carries specific energies that are conducive for certain actions, changes, endeavors, and relationships. What’s more, we can learn to work with our numbers to use them to our full advantage and counteract less-than-positive energies.

Question Numeric Patterns

All About Numbers book by Jesse KalsiBut what about numbers that we keep meeting inadvertently—numbers that not only pop up randomly but even seem to follow us as we go about our day? How are we to interpret seeing 11:11 on the clock every morning and night or 444 in phone numbers all the time? As I demonstrate in my book, All About Numbers, pattern numbers that continue appearing in our lives are being shown to us by the universe for greater reasons.

If certain numbers continuously appear in your life, the first thing you should do is check if they’re compatible with you. If number 11:11 starts appearing in a person’s life but it doesn’t match that individual’s date of birth, it could bring relationship challenges and financial issues. If someone has the influence of numbers 1, 4, or 7 in their chart, then 11:11 means positive energies are flowing toward them. Compatible numbers help us experience sudden improvements in luck and endow us with a higher sense of intuition. Before you decide to decode numbers that you’re seeing, do a bit of research and check if they match your numeric energy.

Timing & Numbers

If you find that the numbers you keep seeing are compatible with your code, it’s important to pause for a moment when you observe them and reflect. Consider what you were thinking about before the repetitive number appeared. What emotions were you experiencing and how did seeing these numbers affect your feelings and mood? For example, maybe a positive thing happened after spotting 11:11 on your phone or you were reminded of your grandparents after seeing 333 because this was their street address. These numbers, also known as “angel numbers,” possess diverse, powerful energies but more important are the circumstances under which they’re being revealed: angel numbers are shown when the universe wishes to send us a reminder, message, or warning.

Introspecting & Interpreting

Try to connect with spirit and heed the voice of your intuition. Stop and say a prayer or ask the divine to provide you with further signs. Also be honest with yourself; repeating numbers could be asking you to stop doing something (maybe you see 222 when you’re about to light a cigarette) or end a relationship that is detrimental to you. By introspecting and correctly interpreting the context in which these numbers are being placed in your life, you can understand how they impact your present and future.

To your angel numbers,
Jesse Kalsi