Language of the Universe

Since the invention of number systems, we have assigned divine meaning to digits. From the very origins of our existence, we recognized that numbers are the language of the universe and that spirit speaks to us through codes. The more we learn to listen, the more we are empowered to fulfill our destiny and achieve the deep joy we deserve.

Numbers in Everyday Life

As a numerologist for over 20 years, I’ve provided valuable insight on the power of numbers and their influence on everyday life to tens of thousands of clients. The force of numbers is undeniable and affects each of us at any given moment: the numbers in our names and dates of birth act as a divine code, revealing every element of our lives from our calling and career to our health problems and relationship compatibility. Each number carries specific energies that are conducive for certain actions, changes, endeavors, and relationships. What’s more, we can learn to work with our numbers to use them to our full advantage and counteract less-than-positive energies.

Life Path Numbers

Life path numbers are calculated using your full date of birth and are considered one of the most influential numbers within your numerological code. They sum you up as a whole: life path numbers express your character traits, both negative and positive, and give reason for your tendencies, inclinations, profound emotions, and thought patterns. To figure out your life path numbers, simply add up every number in your full date of birth then reduce it to a single digit. For example, if you were born on November 4, 1986, you would add 1+1+4+1+9+8+6=30. Then, 3+0=3, so the life path number for this birthday would be 3.

Each life path number stands for a different energy. The powerful number 1 is represented by the mighty Sun and is associated with leadership, fame, and success. Number 2 is represented by the energies of the Moon and is about creation, intuition, and deception. The powerful number 3 is represented by the planet Jupiter and is associated with abundance and all the good things of life. The number 4 is represented by planet Uranus, known to be a very unconventional and rebellious planet. The number 5 is represented by Mercury and is associated with speed, intelligence, communication, and fluctuating energies. The number 6 is connected with the planet Venus and represents wealth, luxury, beauty, arts, money, and the most desired elements of life. Represented by Neptune, number 7 is a magical and mystical number that represents the water of the Earth and is associated with spirituality and big business names. The mighty number 8 is a very powerful number, demanding order, discipline, organization, and for things to be done in an orderly fashion. The mighty number 9 is represented by planet Mars and associated with energy, fire, and aggression.

Destiny Numbers

Unlike like path numbers, destiny numbers calculated using the letters in your full given name. Each letter is assigned a number from 1 through 9, which are then added together and examined. Destiny numbers guide us by explaining our mission and purpose on earth. Name numerology is very important to attract success in the outside world and fulfillment in our personal lives. The saying “a name sells” is true in the modern world. Our names should match our personal energy that comes from our date of birth and harmonize with numbers that bring us abundance and prosperity. As I consulted with clients over the years, I had the chance to balance their names with their dates of birth to attract success. I have many clients who suddenly became lucky after a name change. Most of the people that I consulted with for name changes are regular people and many of them work in the field of media and business. Name changes should be done very carefully, by changing or adding one or more letters without altering the actual pronunciation of the name.

Master Numbers

Then there are master numbers, which have a profound influence on our lives. The numbers 11, 22, 33, 44 are considered master numbers. The master number 11 has the energy of the Sun twice as the number 1 is represented by Sun. This number is considered lucky if it appears in your date of birth. It makes one able to think “outside the box.” Many opportunities come to this number, as well as a fair share of personal challenges. This is not an ideal business number and people with this number should pursue their talents and creativity.

Master numbers don’t work for everyone and should be handled properly. The advantage is that if master numbers appear in our everyday lives, we can easily balance them to harness their most beneficial energies. For example, if number 11 appears on a home or business address, it must be balanced with Sun and Neptune energies, the numbers 1 and 7, respectively. If it’s not balanced properly, it could affect the finances and personal energies. The energies of numbers 1 and 7 could come from the name vibrations of people who live in the house or, in many cases, the actual name of the house. I have met many people over the years who lived in 11 homes but didn’t realize how to handle its energies and consequently struggled with money and relationships.

Number 22 is another master number. This number comprises the energy of Moon twice and is beneficial in a date of birth when balanced with the energy of Sun. It’s drawn to number 8 but doesn’t work well with number 6 energies. In a home address, this number creates miscommunication. People coming to this number house often get confused finding it. It would have to be patched to match the energies of all occupants of the house. The year 2020 contained two 0s, which amplify the energy of 22 in a big way, and its energy proved to turn our world upside down. The year 2020 was an accurate but unfortunate example of the power of master number 22.

Master number 33 has the energy of Jupiter twice and is a great number. It works well if it resonates with your date of birth. Many businesses that have been expanding and performing well have this number in their names. Many celebrities and famous faces have also used this number in their names to attain success.

Master number 44 is a very interesting number. It 44 carries the energy of unpredictable Uranus twice and adds up to a number 8 that brings in sinking energy. The numbers 4 and 8 should always be avoided as they tend to attract each other to create blocks and challenges.

A Powerful Tool

Numerology is a powerful tool we can use to improve, transform, and better understand our lives. Some numbers, like our life path and destiny numbers, are fixed into our codes and can’t be altered. But we can work with others, like the master numbers we encounter in everyday life, to attract greater luck, prosperity, and happiness.

To your best numbers,
Jesse Kalsi